Please Pray

Hello everyone.  I would like to ask a favor of all reading my blog.  Please pray for the Syrian refugees and the Syrian people who are displaced and frozen.  Please do not stop reading because you are tired of hearing about problems in the Middle East or whatever…Please keep reading!…My heart goes out to them and they need our prayers.

They have been running away from war in their own country.  Running miles, hundreds of miles, with their children, their pregnant wives, their elderly parents, and only with their shirts on their back and whatever they can fit into a backpack.  They are facing the real possibility of death as they run from city to city, and as they cross the border into a forgeing country.  They do not know what the future brings, only know the current is too dangerous to stay alive.  Once they cross over as refugees, they are led to their new ‘home’ made of canvas tents and dirt grounds, being fed and given water at the terms of someone else.  Their life is not their own anymore.  They are scared, frightened, and now facing the begining of a long cold winter.

This week in Jordan, we have had rain.  It has been raining hard, nonstop, for days.  I am talking rain that has flooded most of our city streets.  As of yesterday, the rain had flooded 90% of all main streets in Amman, the capital city of Jordan.  We have been a city and country underwater.  This means the refugee camps are flooded as well.  The Syrian people have no means to keep themselves warm.  It is cold.  Deadly cold.  Their ‘home’ is flooded, their belongings wet, blustering cold winds whipping at their wet skin, they have no heaters – just small space heaters lit by fire.  And today, it got worse.  The temperatures dropped, some reports say the windchill is 5F (-15C), and the snow has been falling all day and expected to fall again tomorrow.

These are people.  People who lived normal lives up until about 2 years ago.  They worked, took care of their homes, had children who went to school, had friends, families, and neighbors.  They were rich and poor, and lived as we all do, until the uprising and now civil war that has killed around 60,000 Syrians and has displaced more than 600,000 Syrians to neighboring countries.

Reports are coming out, from the camps, of Syrian families going to sleep sharing one blanket.  Pictures show the devasted tents/homes, people wearing next to nothing to stay warm.  An aweful story has been told by a father, who woke up to find his daughter curled up near to him and frozen to death.

Trust me when I say, it is cold here.  I grew up in Northern Minnesota where the windchill temperatures that can be -30F (-34C).  Trust me, I know cold!  But the cold in Jordan is different.  I can say from my own Jordanian winter experience, inside my home (built for the Jordanian summer heat and not insulated to keep us warm in the winter) – Currently, I am bundled up in layers of clothing, with my wool socks and slippers on, I have had my radiators on all day (other than the 1 hour when our electric went out) and my fingers are stiff from the cold as I type….and Alhumdillah, I am protected from the elements outside!  I just keep asking myself, what does it feel like for the people living in the camps?!  Freezing to death, does not sound surprising to me, I would be surprised if she is the only one who has frozen to death (May God have mercy on her soul).  Aweful. Aweful cold. Aweful situation.

So, this is a snapshot of why I ask of you…..

Please pray.  Please pray for the warmth and safety of these people living in uncontrollable situations.  Please pray for more financial support to come in – the neighboring countries who are so generous to help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people running from war, are poor countries and we need assistance.  Please pray for the sanity of the people who have endured more than most can’t even imagine. Please pray for an end to the civil war.  Please pray for better beginnings.  Please pray and thank God for all that you have.  Please pray.

Pictures from Jordan and Lebenan camps: