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“Our Jordanian Experience” is about the journey and adventures our family is experiencing in our new land of Jordan. I plan to keep my family updated with our day to day activites with the use of this blog. I hope that this will keep our family and friends close to our hearts and near to our experiences. I also want to use this blog to inform those who wish to be informed about the country of Jordan and its people.


4 comments on “About My Blog

  1. Andrea Miles says:

    Hi Bethany
    I am an expat Australian married to a Jordanian, with a 4 1/2 month old and living in Wadi Musa. I would love some advice on where are the best places to buy things for babies in Amman. In particular I’m on the lookout for a cot that mets my need for quality and safety standards whilst meeting my husbands need of not costing a fortune. So far I’ve found it very hard to match our seperate needs. I inherited a cot from my sister in law and it certainly doesn’t met my safety standards – my little girls head and shoulders could fit through the gaps between the rails. I’m currently sleeping her in a bassinet that my mum bought over from Australia and fortunately Alia is only little so it is still big enough for her, but won’t be long and she will have out grown it.
    Any help would be most appreciated.
    Cheers Andrea

    • almanasir says:

      Hello Andrea! Great to hear from you! I agree, amman is very expensive with poor standards/quality…unless you want to pay a fortune! I brought all my stuff from the USA, so i dont know of a great place..sorry. However….Are you on Facebook? We have 2 fb pages that sell used things, many times the items are from the USA. You can find lots of nice thing for babies and kids….clothes, toys, cribs, etc. check them out…

      Also, are you part of the yahoo group, Sisters in Amman? It is an amazing group of like 400 expat women living in Amman! It is a great way to ask questions like your, learn from others and meet new friends! Send me you email and I can get you connected…you will know you are connected because you will start receiving emails!

      • Andrea Miles says:

        Thanks so much Bethany for all the information. I have joined the two facebook groups and will be on the look out for any items for children. I have never heard of the Sisters in Amman group and I would love to join. My email address is andreaemiles@hotmail.com
        Looking forward to being connected! It’s a bit lonely here in Wadi Musa. There is only one other expat from Holland who has a baby and her baby is not very well so we don’t get to spend much time together. All the other expats in Wadi Musa are much older and whilst they are lovely it will be nice to be in contact with other expats who have children.
        Are you on facebook?

  2. Bethany says:

    Great to hear from you again! I added you to the Sisters in Amman group. I am sure you will find them a great resource. I have two friends from the group that are from Australia, Belina and ..I would bet there is more too! Feel free to ask the groups if anyone is selling a baby crib. I am on fb, I will try to find you. Have a great day.

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