Things Accustomed

Well, it has been more than 3 years since we moved to Amman.  I remember that first year and all the things I had to learn…so many things to learn.  Over the years, many of those once new things have now become my every day things.  Here is a list of things that I have become accustomed to:

  • Seeing normal sized trucks packing and overpacking loads that are inimaginably huge and heavy.  How they get all of that into a truck and then to get it all to stay, is beyond me.  I need a picture to prove my point.
  • Not having a clean place for my kids to comfortably run around and play.  Every park and grassy field is littered.  There are new movements/attempts to try to stop the littering, but most people here have no concept of the possibilities of keeping the parks and fields clean…they haven’t seen better, so expectations are low.
  • Spending at least 1 day a week at the home of my in-laws. 
  • Crazy, crazy, crazy driving -no words can describe.
  • Parking so limited and so bad, that people block your car, leave a note on their car with their phone number if you want them to come out and move it.  Friends back home putting pictures on Facebook of bad parking in the USA…you got NOTHING on us 😉
  • Pedestrians with no fear – seriously get out of my way or I’ll run you over…oh wait, it’s my fault if I hit your stupid @#$% and then I’ll go to jail…wait…just get off the road on walk on the sidewalk!
  • Giving all outside responsibilities to my husband.  It is just easier that way.  I keep the kiddos and he runs the errands…sometimes we all go together, but it’s just too much work….life here is difficult enough without dragging the kids around town for 3 hours to accomplish anything.
  • Everything is difficult and challenging…compared to the USA, I am sure it is heaven compared to other places…it’s all a spectum of our baselines.
  • Warmer winters…still feels like summer in the afternoon sunshine!
  • Colder homes…my home is FREEZING inside…and the heat is too expensive to think about keeping warm all winter.
  • Paying over $5.00 a gallon for gas.  Unbelievable considering the average income here is around $300 a month….you do the math and my firends back home, don’t complain to us about your gas prices or economy 😉
  • Kids playing soccor on a busy street corner….ages 3-12 years with NO supervision.  Really, it’s common.
  • Everyone loves the babies!  So wonderful when Momma is out shopping with a cranky, crying, screaming baby.  Anyone from 70 year old Grandmas, 20 year old boys, to a sweet little 9 year old girl will help you by playing peek-a-boo, making silly noises and/or faces at baby, giving baby candy, even carrying baby for you!
  • Lack of alcohol nearly everywhere.  Alhumdillah!
  • Cooking from scratch, because anything else is too expensive (not as healthy, and doesn’t taste as good).
  • Shopping is a pain in the #$%*, unproductive, either incredibily expensive or so cheap it literally rips on the way home, it is such a headache that I don’t even attempt to do so unless I really need something. Pointless otherwise.
  • Safetly locking my kids in the car while I quickly run into the small store to grab one thing..and not having to worry about someone calling Social Services on me…bonus when you Momma has 3 little ones, most of the time one of them are asleep..
  • Camels, sheep and goats grazing the hills sides.
  • Policemen and Policewomen supposedly directing traffic on the roundabouts, checking and sending text messages.
  • Reading, asking questions, recieving answering in Arabic.  I do enjoy the challenge of learning the language and wish I had it perfected by now.

I am certain there are more than you are willing to read.  Moving abroad has so many new and interesting things that eventually become norm.  For whatever reason, just this week I started noticing how many of the once unfamiliar is now familiar.  Just thought I’d share.