How My Little Boy Has Grown!

My baby, if I can still call him that ;-), has grown so much in the last month – Mashallah!  Currently at 5 months and 3 weeks,  I am simply taking this time to blog for my family, who unfortunately live a great distance away, and for me as a reminder to myself of how my little boy has grown!

In the past 3 weeks, Abdallah has learned the following:

  • How to roll over from tummy to back (better late than never!)
  • That rice cereal, bananas, applesauce, pearsauce, avocado, sweet potatoes, yogurt, and cheesecake are a great compliment to Momma’s milk!
  • How to laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and giggle, and laugh.
  • That his sister and brother are the best people on earth, and they are here simply to make him laugh.
  • That his eyes widen, arms and legs reach out, fingers and toes extend, and his hands shake uncontrollably while watching others intensely.
  • His feet are the coolest new things to be found and they don’t taste too bad either.
  • He can squeal REALLY loud and it gets him lots of attention, especially from his brother and sister 🙂
  • Who needs the swing, or rocker, or pack-n-play, or even Momma’s arms…when you have an excersaucer and a johnny jumper!
  • His pacifier is really the best thing on earth and he needs it more than Momma’s milk in the middle of the night (Momma currently thinks the pacifier is the best thing on earth too!)
  • Toys, especially ones that sing songs and have lights or ones that he can chew on endlessly, are definitely the next best things after his pacifier!
  • That snow is not as cool when you are a baby as it will be when you are 3 or 4 years old.
  • Grabbing the face of Momma, pulling her in, and smooshing his wet mouth onto Momma’s cheek gets him lots of positive attention from Momma!
  • Popping two teeth out is very painful, but incredibly adorable when all said and done.
  • Saying BABABABABABABABABABA is getting him lots of positive attention from Baba (Dad).
  • That he is the cutest, sweetest, most lovable, and most patient baby that has ever been born (the family says “Yes!” to no more colicky evenings!)

I love this baby!  I also love Aisha and Omar, maybe I will tell you more about them next time!  Alhumdillah!


A 4.9 year old, a 3 year old, and a 5 month old – Oh My!

It’s been a LONG time since I wrote last and that’s because I have been tending to the endless needs and demands of motherhood!  After having my 3rd child 5 months ago, I decided to stay home from work for a while and focus on raising my kids.  “Raising my kids” – I had to chuckle to myself as I wrote that.  Sometimes I wonder if I am really doing anything of benefit for them by staying home.  I mean am I really ‘raising my kids’ or am I just running in circles?  I am constantly searching for a better way, in order to slow down so I can raise my kids and to stop the cycle of running.

Who knew that a 4.9 year old, a 3-year-old, and a 5 month old could do what they do to a person.  I feel that most days I just tasking the demands and trying to meet the needs of my kids. I often fall short of meeting all their needs and fall miserably short with the endless housework.

I think to my Mom and how she raised three little ones.  We were the same distance in age from Baby #1 to Baby #3.  I wonder, how did she do it?  I try so hard to remember:  How did she get everything done?  Did she ever get everything done?  How much time did she spend playing with us?  How did she keep her cool when things got out of control?  How would she have disciplined us in this situation I am being faced with?  How often did she bath us?  Did she have a strict daily routine for our days?  How often did she clean her home?  How did she manage to cook a healthy meal every night?  Did she really have a home cooked meal every night?

It’s actually amazing to think back.  I think hard to these questions trying to remember and then realizing that I don’t know the answer to any of these questions.  I don’t remember because I was too busy being a kid to pay attention or to remember these things!  And then it hits me!  It is the best, most honest, advice I can give myself or any other mother.  My kids won’t remember all the things I am running around and stressing about.  However, they will remember the way that I talked to them.  They will remember the times I stopped and read books to them. The crafts I made with them.  The times I spent teaching them something special.  The special times we spent together.

You may read this and say, “Duh, you can find quotes about this all over the internet.”  I know you can.  I have read them and loved them just the same as you.  However, there comes a time when you feel that you are sinking and then you have that the lightbulb moment of reality…well I just had mine.  I just hope I can remember that moment and how it felt tomorrow when I am chasing after the three little monsters 🙂

Alhumdillah for my kids, my life, and my family.  I would not change anything about it.